unbit.com Support Services

There are 2 products we commercially support: uWSGI and the Unbit hosting platform.

Both are based on the same (open source) code base, but while the first is aimed at web applications deployment, the second covers the whole hosting infrastructure and it is dedicated to customers wanting to build their own massive hosting platform or improve their current infrastructures.

Support can be bought by month or by year, and you can cancel it whenever you want. Requests are managed via e-mail, jabber/xmpp and irc. There are two "coverage levels": base (monday to friday 8:00 - 20:00 GMT + 1) or full (24/7/365). For the "full" coverage you will get a mobile number to send emergency SMS to.

uWSGI is licensed as GPL2+linking_exception. Commercial licenses are available "per-company", for sub-licensing select the "uWSGI sub-licensing" option in the Contact Us form. Please, fill the form for more infos.

uWSGI Unbit hosting platform
uWSGI web applications deployment
uWSGI tuning (specific for the application and the frontline webserver)
uWSGI caching and internal routing strategies
uWSGI statistics and metrics analysis
Alarms and monitoring
Realtime web applications development consulting (using the uWSGI api)
Emperor + Linux namespaces and cgroups integration
Emperor + FreeBSD jails
Dynamic load balancing (with uWSGI routers)
Multi users security and isolation
Forkpty Router
TunTap Router
Clustering (with Legion subsystem)
Consulting for development of uWSGI plugins
Prices (annual subscription) Base: $2200 max 20 instances
Full: $5000 max 20 instances
Base: $3000 max 20 instances
Full: $7000 max 20 instances
Prices (monthly subscription) Base: $300 max 10 instances
Full: $600 max 10 instances
Base: $500 max 10 instances
Full: $900 max 10 instances
Single ticket Starting from $80 Starting from $80